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Fav. Mediums and my Hobonichi

1:15:00 AM

Some of my most favorite mediums to use in the Hobonichi are water colors, brush markers, and both water proof and non-water proof pens. I generally tend to throw down some watercolor at night before I go to bed. Sometimes they are just washes that frame the page, drips, or I completely cover the page.

My water proof pen of choice at the moment is the Lamy Safari All-star fine tipped pen with Noodler's ink. It works for me especially when I want to go back and use some sort of wet medium on it. I love the Microns, but they just seem to dry up much too fast for me.

My all time favorite pens are the Hi-Tec-C, but they are not water proof. Most times I used them if I don't intend to use water color or markers, but occasionally I will use them and paint with them with a little water on a brush for shading. 

Although this isn't the Hobo, had to share. After I showed the little miss the wonders of non-water proof pens and a little water, she absolutely adored the process. Here she got a hold of my Pilot Kakuno and did a lovely job of cartoon journaling about her day. So cute... as you can see her brother has been razing her when boredom hits haha.

Music of the Day:
Misty Blue : 망각

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