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Hobonichi Techo Love : 2015 Styles Releasing Soon!

12:00:00 AM


Whoo hoo... so the makers at the Hobonichi Techo headquarters are posting cover teasers and finally released the images for all of the designs.  the The ladies in my Hobonichi Techo Eye Candy Group are chomping at the bits for release day and I must admit... so am I. (All Hobonichi images from store website.)

In terms of the insert. They will still have the A5 and A6 one book units we are used to, but have added the 'Avec' version of the original (A6) and Cousin (A5). The Avecs come in two booklets that divide the year. This will be helpful for those of us who like streamlined notebooks in our bags. The A5 is a behemoth for sure in it's own right, but once you start adding to your pages... it becomes even more so.

What I also, like about this is that the 'Avec' will allow you to add another notebook if you like which will be nice if your not too concerned with the weight of it.

I'm so excited when they open the shop doors in September for orders. In the mean time here are some pics in my favorite planner...

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