Happy Friday #19 : Illustration Play

12:20:00 AM

The common phrase I see and hear since embarking on this illustrative planner or diary is, "I don't or can't draw, but I wish I could keep a more visual diary..." To those who truly have not done any drawing since they were yaeh tall, may I suggest keeping it simple, fun, and playful?

Besides those who can motivate you and inspire the artistic genius in you like Lynda Barry, Suzi Blu, Gina Rossi, Danny Gregory, etc... why not take a step back and play with doodling? There are many books on zen doodling which is hot right now, oooor... play around with simple figures. Yep thats what I mean... those simple little stick figures that you probably did from back in the day.

Why not? Look at Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The illustrations in the famous children's book series are just that, stick figures. You can grab yourself one of those wooden figure mannequins to help you do poses as well.


You can also raid the 'How to Draw' books in the children's section of your local book store or... your kid's bookshelf like me  ^_^. There is one particular artist I really love for this, Ed Emberley, particularly the one with the finger prints, it's super fun!


Another fun artist that simplifies things is Sachiko Umoto. Her illustrations and how to books are simple, beautiful, and fun to do. If you like the little Japanese illustrations you see on the stickers and stationary out there, you will love her Illustration School series.

If you have access to Asian book stores, they may have a section with 'how to' books on illustrations. They are a bit harder to find, especially if you do not read the language, but I'm sure if ask, they may be able to find something for you. I personally found a few cute ones in the local Kinokuya book store.

So many avenues to visually spruce up your written diaries. It is so very fun so please do try! Here is a little treat I found of one of my favorite music artists.

Music of the Day:
Zee Avi : NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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