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Animal Sketches

12:16:00 AM

Was never one to really sit down and sketch animals before. Usually when I do animals they are more cartoon in nature, but this was an interesting exercise for me to do for Sketch Book Skool, the Beginnings 2 Class. The instructor's name is Roz Stendahl.

The timing was great as well, since the last leg of our summer trip was at the Safari. As I mentioned before, I have never been that close to a giraffe in my life, and probably never will have the opportunity again. It was so amazing to see.

I'm probably going to try for some more detailed drawings next, but these were super fun to do in my Hobonichi.

Here is a little music I thought I would share. It just makes me really happy for some reason. Discovered it from a little Korean Drama I am watching. Uhm... yes cat's out of the bag, I am hooked on Korean Dramas hehe. This drama is called, It's Ok, It's Love.

Music of the Day:
Kae Sun : Ship and Globe

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