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Happy Friday # 17 : Mini Holiday

2:18:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! Just went on a mini-holiday with the family and enjoyed the wine country. 

We first started our trek across the bridge. Funny how we have now lived in the Bay area for almost 3 yrs. now and haven't made this voyage as a family. The kids went on it with their grandma and aunt a few yrs. ago though. I however have not been on it for 20 yrs!

We then stopped by a little boating town called Saulsalito right on the other side of the bridge and had brunch. Your usual Americana cafe fare, but it was super yummy. Then we headed over to Sonoma.

First stop was the little Train town. There was a bit of a mis-communication with the hubby. I looked up Historic Train Town in Santa Rosa, but he found Train town in Sonoma. Haha... my kids were a bit too old for it so my son gave us the 'seriously?' look. But alas... there were some tween worthy rides that changed his attitude quickly so all was good haha.

After wards, we decided to head down to the main square to explore and get our snack on. What was fantastic was this little leather goods store we happened upon. We decided to buy this wonderful pink goat skin leather passport holder from this lady so that we could turn it into a Midori for Miss A. The fab thing was... she took a look at my Midori, did some quick measurements and punched the holes for me! Also, gave me a discount for having the gumption to want to make it myself and.... cause I was doing it for my baby haha. It was such a nice experience.

During our trip, we had fairly limited access to the internet. So this led to some great time to journal and and write with the kids.

The next day we did Jack London State Park. Known for 'Call of the Wild' and 'White Fang', by the time he passed at the age 40, in the 17 years he wrote, apparently he wrote over 50 books and at least a 100 short stories! Can you imagine? Not only that, he was a war correspondent and traveled the world. I will do a more detailed post about him on a later date as he is a very inspirational character indeed!

Next stop was Santa Rosa area. Charles Schultz Museum was next on our list. So fun to hear about his life and his amazing span of work. We had an amazing gentleman who gave us a tour of the museum and really enjoyed telling us the stories of Sparky's (Charles' nick name) life. It made the tour of the place so much more interesting.

Afterwards we headed over for our night at the Safari! Yes, you heard it right a Safari in Nor Cal! We got a rather posh tent for the night stay, had a pretty decent bbq dinner, and since there were zero electronics, had a great time journaling and writing session that night.

We decided on an early morning tour. Again we lucked out with a great guide and because Miss A picked the right number, we were able to sit at the top of the jeep during the first leg of the trip. WE were so amazingly close to the giraffes. I did not use any zoom in my camera here. I didn't seem to mind them getting close, but I wasn't too keen on the ostriches for some reason. Haha... they started pecking at the guide's buttons on his shirts. The kids had such a blast on the Safari.

To wrap up our trip we did finally hit the Santa Rosa Historic Train Town, had lunch and wandered some of the shops which was a nice way to end the trip. Ah... I must say it was quite fun to explore that part of CA and to disconnect...

Music of the Day:
Misty Blue : 망각

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