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Happy Friday #18 : Permission to Copy and just go Sketch

12:53:00 AM

Hi Everyone! Alas, this is the last summer break Friday of the year. Can not believe how quickly the summer went by, but I can not tell a lie... me soo happy muh hahaha. Kids are going back to school on Monday! Whoo hoo... time for annual happy dance haha.

Any who as many of you know I love reading and watching biographies. Particularly ones that deal with authors and artists. They just fascinate me to no end. Most recently I had the fantastic privilege to go the the Jack London's State Park.

There I was able to see his home and office setting, and learn more about the man. As I mentioned in an earlier post before passing at the age of 40, he wrote an impressive amount of work and it had me thinking...

Its funny the journey you go through sometimes. Since embarking into the creative life, I went through the gamut of self doubt of course, but I also made the mistake of thinking I always had to create something new... be uber creative... be an 'artieeest'.

Sure I am much better now than from day 1...but I neglected to just... sketch. I felt the need to have these perfect finished products all the time. Which is why I would go through throws of white page fear, exasperation, and then days where I did not even want to touch paper much less draw on it.

Its laughable really... here I was giving myself the permission to draw and of course the encouragement began with Suzi Blu, but... I always felt the need for my pieces to be the best that it could be and of course unique as possible. Well... that was ok for a while, but I started to feel stagnant.

That was until... the Hobo, Midori, Sketchbook Skool, and Jack London fell into my path this summer. I mean I won't go into the Hobo or the Midori that much as I gushed over these epiphanies before, and Jack London's inspiration is pretty self explanatory, but here is a little nugget that helped snap me out of my creative coma this time:
Permission to COPY and just go SKETCH!

Forget the notion you have to be this entity that must 'create' something new and perfect. Sketch the food you eat, your surroundings, pictures of people, those cute little characters, copy the art or the style of your favorite artist (for learning purposes of course) and yes, embrace the ugly.

Music of the Day:
Clara : Offbeat

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  1. This is very good advice Part of my problem is similar, I forget to enjoy the process. Instead I get hung up on how "good" it is, like I am being graded on the finished result. It gives me the white page fear. So I am learning to let go of the expectation and just enjoy the freedom of the process.

    The reason I don't sketch/draw college I took beginning drawing. So my favorite assignment was to draw a picture from a magazine. I found this beautiful wolf looking at his rippled reflection. I put heart, soul and all into it.

    So my writing has been critiqued, tear me up, good for me right? My art not so my picture goes up to the front and the whole class is going to discuss it right. The art teacher's first words were..."Can anyone tell me what is fundamentally wrong with this picture?" To say the least I cried. He did feel bad, but the overwhelming opinion was I had not drawn what I had seen. I still don't understand what that meant, but I'm a writer. *helpless shrug*. Per your good advice I will promise to at least try something. Thank you again for wise advice. :)

  2. Oh my goodness @Crystal R. Martin, sorry to hear about that jerk of an instructor. I've had one of those before and its terrible specially during the early years of your creative life.

    Its hard enough dealing with one's own critique, but yeah having one of "those" instructors are the worse. It took me a long time, but this time I'm really just having fun with it and embracing all the wonky lines etc.

    Here is the thing... practice practice practice is what makes one better in anything we want to do. Never compare your beginning with someone's middle... this is the best thing I've heard :)