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12:58:00 AM

Behold... my Japanese addition of Flow the wonderful magazine from the Netherlands, came in the post box today! I know I've gushed over this magazine before, but if you haven't had a chance to check out this magazine, go to your local B&N. They usually have the last international issue out. Those are in english.

I gather, Flow has been around in the Netherlands for quite sometime, but the international version has only been around since last year. I personally adore the magazine not only because of the visual eye candy, but also for their lovely articles. There always seems to be at least one article that showcases a creative artist. Sometimes of ones I've never heard of from Europe, which makes for an inspiring read.

They also have articles that inspire you along your personal creative path. An example is an insert in the last magazine that advocates 30 Days of Writing and Thinking. The magazine also, has bits and pieces you can use: post cards, stickers, patterns, etc.

Just as a heads up though, I order mine through their website now. You can only order one at a time as there is no subscription option now. You can wait until they show up in the book store, but by the time they make it there, a new issue is ready for purchase on their online store. I used to wait, but... recently became a bit impatient ^_^.

Anywho... these are a few bits from the magazine that was compiled for the Japanese market. Unfortunately I forgot how to read Japanese a few decades ago, so I don't know what is going on, but the pictures sure are pretty ^_*. Now awaiting for my new issue of Flow to arrive...

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