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Clarification: Permission to Copy

1:14:00 AM

Hi everyone, it is interesting... one of my group member thought that my last post was referring to the 'stealing' to learn concept that has made a resurgence out there.  From the book that recently came out, to the fab artist Tommy Kane from Sketchbook School, this advice is definitely one I must avidly agree with.

I am a great proponent of that concept. I mean all the great masters studied, emulated, or even apprenticed under other masters in order to learn and achieve their own style. That is highly desirable of course... but what I meant in terms of copying is actually even more rudimentary than that.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe many of us go down this path, settle in our comfort zone artistically and then feel the pressure or the need to be more creative or somehow original all the time. It is in that pressure that we then begin to loose the joy of just making art. The process becomes too thought out, up tight, frustrating... it becomes a bit of a dare I say it.... a chore.

In terms of permission to copy, I meant just that... copying any thing you see in front of you. You can call it observational drawing, still life, life drawing, reference drawing, or whatever terminology that floats your boat. Its not a new concept by any means of course, but sometimes we all need a little reminder it is ok not to 'think' too much, but just do... in all of it's imperfect glory ^_*.

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