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Happy Friday #20 : Inspiration : The Authors Corner

12:00:00 AM

Hello everyone! I know you have seen some of these before, but I was quite surprised at how quickly they were adding up. Looks like a total of 10 famous writers so far! This is a fantastic way to loosen up and find inspiration. Sketching from an image fairly quickly and embracing the wonky.

New to the world of fountain pens, inks, converters, syringes, etc. I've been playing around with the few pens I bought and have successfully added ink to both a Lamy and a Kakuno without major mishap. Yay for that!

In these sketches I've really had a chance to play around with the different pens, brush pens, and with the mix of water proof and water soluble inks. Haven't found my most favorite combos yet, but starting to get a better handle on the limits of my pens and such.

Today's music is a little interesting. Never thought to look at video games for sound tracks, but this one has some interesting pieces on it.

Music of the Day:
Rule of the Rose Soundtrack

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  1. OMG Those are wicked cool. Of course Murakami and Gaiman, are in my my top ten authors so those are my very favorite. Great job. You make it look so fun. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

    1. Thanks @Crystal R. Martin! Its a great way to play ^_*.