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Setting Me Free...

3:40:00 PM

The hobo has definitely changed my outlook on daily journaling. I mean don't get me wrong, I still love my Midori, Moleskine, and other fine paper journals, but those I still have this sense of preciousness. Eh... don't know why, so for those journals I don't feel as comfortable in them to mess up or just sketch to speak. In the Hobo however, I've noticed I'm not as freaked out when I make mistakes. I just slap down a little washi tape or draw a critter out of it and I'm good to go. 

Its all silly I know, but allowing myself to just do and not worry about the rules if just so liberating. In my 20 some odd years of working in the advertisement industry and internet, I've been in the land of rigidity, rules, and client pleasing. I must admit, it was and still is a hard state of mind to break out of. My earlier pieces and journals... I thought too much, worried too much, and did very little because of it. Which is why you see a bit of a visual throw up on all of these Hobo pages. I'm just letting it go.

I don't really mind so much any more. Who cares if a line is wonky or the composition isn't sitting quite right, or my writing looks like crap. I just do now. I capture my day, whether it is shacktastic or fantastic I put it down and share it for the world to see. Who would have known. If you just find the right notebook, journal, or planner, it could set you free...

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