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Happy Friday #16 : Hobonichi Catch-Up

1:01:00 AM

Hello everyone! I know I missed last week's post, but alas as you know that juice cleanse all but wiped me out. The kicker is... my lovely iMac I just purchased... the usb ports are faulty so I haven't been able to access my pictures. Fantastic yeah?

However, no worries, in a round about way... emailing myself, I am at least able to play a little Hobo catch-up with you all. They are a little out of order, but as you can see, I've been experimenting a bit more. The gouache with silver gel pen is my favorite so far though. I really love this effect.

Some of my entries center around the little class I am taking from Sketchbook Skool. So far it has proved to be very fun to do. This segment is with the ever talent Koosje, she is very talented artist that is also well know for her food illustrations.

I learned a lot from her in this segment. Here I am using color pencils for the apple and the background I splashed with liquid water colors. Love... I have to say I was very surprised this ended up working out, because I hated how graphite looked on this paper. It just did not work for me. So when I found how buttery soft my Prisma Premier Pencils were blending... I was extremely happy indeed.

Hope you enjoyed my little catch-up post. Happy creating!

Music of the Day:
AWolnation : Sail

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