Happy Friday #15 : The Midori Diary is Back!

1:43:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! So... as you can see I have decided to go back to my beloved Midori Traveler's Diary for planning again. The Hobonichi is working fabulously for my daily art journaling, but something about the positioning of the monthly calendar and the appointment pages which are located in the front, did not work for me. 

The other factor may also be the size. I had purchased the larger A5 thinking I would only use it at home, but I forgot how convenient it was for me to pop the diary/ planner bit out of my Midori cover and just throw it in my purse when I had to do shopping and such. Now I am wondering if I should try the smaller A6 for next year. Hmm...  

Any who... this is the second half of the 2014 Diary set I got for the Midori. I thought I would continue with the Kokeshi theme, but tried out a silver pen this time. I'm very happy with the results.

Here is the first spread for the July - December 2014 Diary. I still love how this works for me. So moving forward for this year, the Midori will be for daily life planning with the kids, and the Hobo will be for personal goals and used as a daily art/written journal.

Here is one of my favorite compilations for some good background music whilst doing creative endeavors. Happy creating!

Music of the Day: 
Buddha Bar 2013 : Buddha Bar

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  1. I love your work. Have you considered doing printables for your readers? You could do some free and some that aren't. It seems like it would be a fun way to share your work and make a little extra money.

    1. Hi @Porcelain Lotus, thanks so much for the kind words. I may do a little something with my daughter now that summer school is out. Have to keep the kiddies occupied and what better way than a joint venture ^_*?

  2. Julia- I miss my midori terribly as I do this one book challenge. I'm using the Hobonichi a6 size and I love it for the brevity. I bullet journal in it and decorate around with washi and paper scraps from Flow Magazine. I'd live to use stamps but I've not found an ink that doesn't bleed. I'm dying to get into watercolors with it. Your Kokeshi is adorable!

    1. Aww~ thanks @Lorin! I just couldn't do the challenge. I already know how it feels to commit to one journal. I did it for a year and struggled haha. Please share when you find the right ink. I haven't really tried stamping yet. Would love to know ^_^.