Supply Fairy

6:06:00 PM

OK so the truth is I'm the supply fairy unto myself, but its all good no? Although I haven't given up on the Moley for my art journaling, I've been searching for a writing journal for weeks (because I apparently don't have enough ... or the right particular one... and hey do we all need any more excuses to get a new journal any ways?). I finally honed in on the "leather" journal, or at least a portfolio type leather thing to cover a journal. 

Perhaps out of desperation, I found this Italian leather journal at Barnes and Noble and bought it. I have been writing in it for a few days now, but I couldn't put my finger on what I didn't like about this particular one until today. This one is too stiff and spine must be worked into and broken. 

So I couldn't help myself, after another bout of perusing the internet, I did spy on some nice Midori Traveler's Journals that looked promising. I realized after looking at these pictures, I wanted one of those really soft leathers that will distress with time, and this looks like it would be a great choice. 

Any who for now... I will commit to the one I bought before I move on, but who knows? If this annoys me enough the supply fairy just may make another visit?

The other things I got were the Posca fine tipped markers. So far I like how they flow a bit more than the sharpies, but I'll know better as I work with them. The two boxes in the picture aren't exactly supplies, but a cute place to store them. The small one house my NeoII watercolor crayons and the large one the markers.

It's always a great time when your Inner Supply Fairy makes a visit ^_*.

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