Midori Traveler's Notebook

Mixed Media on Traveler's Notebook

7:33:00 PM

This is the original notebook that came with the Midori Traveler's Notebook. The thin pages are amazing. It held up to pencils, and color pencils, pastels, acrylic paint, acrylic markers, ink pens, without bleed or mishap. Copics however did come completely through to the other side, so I stopped that dead in its tracks. Although moving forward, one could always paint over the bleed through page I suppose.

All-in-all I really like the feel of this paper with all this medium on it. Its very slick and I would def. recommend it. They do have a thicker sketch paper that I will try once this one wraps up, but I'm guessing if this thin paper can hold up to acrylic, it must be pretty decent.

Now, before I close out this post, I just wanted to explain my first journal entry in this wonderful notebook. It is based on the lovely flower you see in the middle of the page, the Snow Drop. A friend of mine has recently had some hard times with people in her life. I wanted to share with her and all of you the legend and thus the symbolism of this little flower... hope.

Legend about the origin of the snowdrop tells us that after being expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve sat weeping. An angel comforted her. Since the Fall, no flowers had bloomed, but snow fell ceaselessly. As the angel talked with Eve, he caught a snowflake in his hand, breathed on it, and it fell to earth as the first snowdrop. The flower bloomed and Hope was born. - www.angelfire.com

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  1. Gorgeous journal page, and I love the story of the Snow Drop. xo

  2. Hi Julia! What are acrylic markers? Is that like ProMarkers or Faber-Castells? Your journal pages are absolutely gorgeous. They radiate peace.

    1. Hi Leanne, acrylic paint markers like Sharpies, Posca, Montana, and Liquitex recently came out with some. I usually like to use the white for highlights and such.

  3. Hi Julia!
    Gorgeous Journal page, and I love the story of the Snow Flowers`. xo