Journaling Organically

10:24:00 AM

The Molskine... ah... what can I say. It is so nice to hold in the hands, so open to different mediums, apparently famous folks have fondled it's pages, yet why... why did it stump me so. As I said in the previous post, I had many a unfinished pages that either had residual ink/paint or things that I thought looked crappy and abandoned. I just couldn't get into this Moley...

I began reading a book, 'On Keeping a Journal : Leaving A Trace : The Art of Transforming a Life into Stories', by Alexandra Johnson.

I know what your thinking... wha? You need to read something about 'HOW' to journal? Yes... yes and I'll tell you why. Cause I actually don't know how. Well... how to make my ramblings useful, or... maybe I just need some sort of affirmation that its worth doing. Either way, how many times have you heard writers/artists using their own life experiences to spark and idea... a story. I have, yet when I look back at half of my ramblings and complaints and half arse drawings, I wonder.... how can I be succinct, how can I use this material, how can it be more of an organic experience and not a chore or a guilty neglect?

When I picked up this book her opening description on her former journaling efforts... half filled notebooks upon journals that were never finished, is pretty much me to the T. Both in the written and the artistic journaling efforts.

I am only a quarter way through and it dawned on me. I need to just let go, don't think, don't over analyze, just do. Ok I've probably already to this realization before, but letting loose is really hard for a rigid perfectionist. So reminders and motivation from famous people... just helps me along, ha.

So apparently Virginia Woolf, an avid diarist, had journals open on her lap and would do sessions where she would not pick up the pen and write as fast as she could. The reason being, if she slowed down or thought about things, the internal editor would skip the stray bits that other wise, could be the diamond in the heap.

In the same context, I was lamenting with Suzi on how I just wasn't feeling the Molskine or have any true grasp of mixed media, which is why she helped me start my journey on the last post. That is what an art journal is supposed to be right? Truly is supposed to be a place you play around in artistically, or journal your feelings, working things out, or recording something that inspires through imagery both visually and written. I think I lost sight of that aspect.

I always expect the 'tada' finished pieces to just spew out. My internal editor... damn him... why is it a him I have no idea, is the specter that hovers with incessant gusto over my desk. Sigh... I know it is a process to let go of control and do the ugly. I did it before with the last watercolor journal I had. I suppose I can do it again. Heres to kicking out that specter and finding a way to journal...organically ^_*.

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