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Green Gal

4:46:00 PM

Here is another piece I played around with this week. I made some dabbers out of craft paint you get at Michaels and dabber tops I bought online. It really works like a dream for quick journal pieces. Plus, on this paper its fantastic.
 Laying Copic markers on top of the paint is perfect. Its saves bleed onto the other side and the finish is smooth.  The marker sits on top of the paint so it takes longer to dry. However, because of this blending is easier. Here I laid the base color of the eyes with the markers.

Prisma color pencils as the final touch worked like a dream.

So why the color green? Hmm... perhaps it was an unconscious choice I made as my son was on my mind. What do I mean by this? You know the saying... green with envy...

Let me explain... my son is almost 11. He's athletic and picks up things quickly. He is also, competitive, so he strives to be on top in any sports or games he does. In the past, games he played at school. He would tell me about incidents where kids would gang up on him to beat him, and I just laughed it off saying ah... its just kids... its just a game... its just boys being boys...

Some times this penchant for the boys to gang up on him really upsets him though. So at a young age I told him to ignore their taunts and just tell them its just a game... relax. For the most part it works and he shrugs it off, but this last time a close friend of his joined in the taunting and I can see it hurt.

For the first time I saw this phenomena up close during his tennis practice. He is top in his class and I literally saw all the boys work together to beat him. Taunting him and relishing the moments he would lose a point. Even parents on the sidelines scream at their kids to win against my son.

A friend messaged me about the same thing happening to her son. What is it? I know it is  human nature to want to win, but wow to band together to drag someone down... its a sad, sad, thing. What can you do as a parent other than give them some coping mechanisms? Cause, if one thinks about it... it happens all across the board through life, but in a covert way. Its just when in a testosterone laden, athletic moment, it is spelled out for you in the most literal way.

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