Midori Traveler's Notebook

Midori Traveler's Notebook

11:19:00 AM

My Midori Traveler's Notebook has arrived! Whoo hoo... what can I say, but so far me likey.  Yes, I have to admit that mine had that slight chemical smell when I first opened the wrapper, but it is slowly dissipating. The leather is as soft as most of the other reviewers spoke about.

As soon as I got this beauty I have been personalizing it. Adding little items, stickers, and drawing in it.

I added a pocket in the front cover, and a plastic zipper pocket that folds over the top and spans to the back side.

 Here I decorated the cover of the plain blank notebook and added a little key charm on the hanging bookmark string.

On the other side of the notebook I added a card holder. All together there are 12 card holders.

In terms of the notebooks inside, I only have the original (thin sheet) sketch notebook and the kraft paper one. I painted on the cover of the original sketch notebook with water color, color pencil, micron pens, and acrylic pens. The cover held up quite well. 

I haven't begun writing and sketching as of yet, but I thought I'd post the initial setup for now. In terms of my Italian Leather Journal, my little sprout had her eye on it since the day I got it, so I exacto bladed my pages out and she got it, so all is not lost, yay.

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