Lamy Rollerball Pen

5:27:00 PM

Ah... seems to be a month of firsts. So I have been salivating over Lamy Pens for a while. More specifically their fountain pens since I have never owned a real one that isn't disposable. I adore the color of red and was looking for just the right candy color one in a nice metal finish when I spied this beauty Lamy Rollerball Pen, at my favorite store Maido. It wasn't quite the fountain pen I was looking for, but wow! It was like butter and I had tested it on pretty crappy scrap paper. Also, at the price point of about $16 I thought, why not?

Now, if you haven't experience a Lamy pen, it comes in this interesting case. When you open said case, visually the center bracket makes you feel like the pen is rising out of the case. I could almost hear the "AHHH" singing of angles and lights radiating from it in the background. Fairly impressive packaging and presentation.

Of course I probably failed to mention that I got myself the lined notebook for the Midori, but I did. Same Maido store run. I got this so I can do more daily journaling and jot down ideas for the NANOWRIMO that will be kicking off soon.

Any who so what can I say other than it just glides over the smooth Midori Traveler's Notebook. I thought the Uniball rollerball pen was fantastic, this blows them out of the water. So I must say I am very happy with my purchases this weekend. Very happy indeed!

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