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Piccadilly Sketch Book Review and Art Journal Play

12:43:00 AM

Piccadilly Sketch Book Image

As if I needed another sketchbook haha. I actually had this one was in my stash from a while ago. It is a Piccadilly Sketchbook with a simple Black cover, the word 'Sketch' written in Silver, sold at Barnes and Noble.

Surreal Art of little girl and mother image.

The spine is designed in what they call an 'Open Bound' style. Which means it allows the pages to lay flat when opened. This is definitely a plus since I've become so accustomed to this from the Hobonichi.

Binding image

The black cover flap opens up to reveal the spine if you care to look. Its an interesting binding system that looks like each signature is bound together by not only waxy thread, but a coating of glue. I'm not quite sure how well the signatures will stay together after some wet media abuse, but we shall see.

Opened journal laying flat image.

The paper itself reminds me of my old Laughing Elephant journal. If anyone ever had a Laughing Elephant journal, you may know what I'm talking about, but it has a heavier some what cottony texture to it and the pages are a cream color. (The plain paged one is no longer sold, but this one had the same paper in it.) In terms of how it takes wet mediums, I mean it wasn't really meant for it, but I've always liked how this type of paper took to light washes, acrylic, and gouache.

image of little girl letting go of balloons in a forest.

Sure it crinkles a little, but I don't really mind right now. I'm just having fun! Happy creating!

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