Review: Hobonichi Techo 2016 Weeks Peacock

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Peacocks of Grantham Hall, this is the zippered cover I choose for my weeks Hobonichi. As there seemed to be some curiosity on the specifics of this particular cover, I thought I would tackle the task and explain.

It is covered in a material that has a slight texture to it. Underneath there is thick batting or foam that is squishy to the touch. The tassel charm is only looped on, similar to the way mobile phone charms are looped which means it is easily removable. The zipper and the zipper clasp are plated in a gold color.

Inside the pocket system is made from a very soft pink leather. This is definitely something you can use as a wallet as well. There is a zipper pocket you can use for change, underneath it a pocket for money. I was asked if a standard Midori insert would fit. It would be a no unless you cut off about 1.5 inches from the height and about 1 inch off the side.

On the other side are plenty of slots for cards or stickers you may have. However, the pen loop leave a lot to be desired. The loop is very tight so the coletto pen that they give you with it, is definitely out of the question. Even a small barrel Le Pen will not even fit, so I am not quite sure what they were designing this pen loop for.

Besides the pen loop, it is an all around nice little cover / wallet system. It gives off a very feminine and sophisticated vibe. My only concern is, since it is a light colored cover, I wonder how much of a beating it will take. Despite that, can't wait to use it in 2016!

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