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Happy Friday #55 : Goodies in a Box

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So yeah... I was originally on the look to purchase a few more of the Midori Traveler's Notebook binders as my other vendor's of choice were all sold out, when I happened upon Omoi Zakka Shop and down the rabbit hole I went...

After I carefully put the binders in my cart. I promptly noticed the U.K. magazine I had been curious about called, 'Wrap'. It is a magazine that covers illustration, design, and the general creative culture. I decided to appease that curiosity since the exorbitant shipping prices weren't an issue since store is located in the U.S.

The issue I got highlighted artists from not only the realm of paint and illustration, but also fashion and even set design. They also included 5 pages of double sided wrapping paper that is very graphic. I have to say I like this magazine for the variety, but not sure if I would bother paying the shipping price to be honest. If however local vendors carried it, then yes definitely have a go. Some great interviews and eye candy is abound.

Now... after this little guy made it into the basket, I then had to peruse the shop even further of course and found two other off the beaten path magazines that I wanted to take a look at. Frankie an Australian magazine that describes themselves as a place where you can find 'nice bits and bobs, including clothes, music news, craft, photography, and travel', was one of them.

The issue that I have has an eclectic mix or slices of creative life... a little taster if you will. Sometimes they are interviews, a little spotlight on an artist's lifestyle, or even a little 'how to' article coupled with, a beautiful illustration or photo of course. Typical layout will be quarter to half page of image and then the rest of the page is the article itself. If it is a two page spread, images definitely takes precedence.

The Style and Fashion zine by the illustrator Ryan Cecil Smith was thrown in because it caught my eye with it's unusual size. Ryan is an artist based in L.A. and Osaka Japan who illustrates for publications, as well as his own zines. 

I adore the mix of papers, some of it written like a travel journal/diary, with cartoons peppered through out, and some street fashion vignettes. The added bonus was this little one page supplement reviewing some of the books that he has currently read and a little interview he did. I will have to say though at times with the dramatically reduced font size... it is a bit difficult to read, especially when it covers images, but it lends to the ambiance of the magazine. This was definitely a happy find of inspiration.

The final little bit that ended up in the cart was more utilitarian. The fab 8 page stapleless stapler. It is a green product to make paper recycling easy, it punches a hole while locking paper together, ingenious. Tested it out on Russ' homework today and works like a charm. Good thing too because we just ran out of staples today for our regular stapler ha.

So to sum things up... I really liked all the items I purchased. Despite going in blind with the magazines. Omoi Zaaka Shop delivered my little box' o utilitarian objects with a dash of inspiration, quite quickly. It was a pleasant experience and I would definitely check their site for quirky little things again.

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