Late Night Reflection and Thanks

2:01:00 AM

During a session of late night journaling,  a wave of inspiration came. I began to write and the beginnings of something... possibly for Nanowrimo? is coming to light. These waves generally happen oddly enough, on breezy, down cast days, and/or especially rainy days.

Yes, I thrive on the mysteries of the darkened skies and the trickling music of the falling drops. It suits me well... which is why this sunshine state, has me running for the nearest reprieve, well away from it's unrelenting rays.

A night owl by heart, it is the realities of life's duties that have me struggling for consciousness in the mornings. Mornings filled with the tizzy of the mundane escapades of life. Zakka is not always an easy notion for me. Rather it is something that I strive for on a daily bases. is no wonder that there are times I choose to escape into a world, a dream that is not of my own making.

There are many shades of me, perhaps this is not the one I show too often to the world. A slightly more poetic.. darker side to me. The one that came out often in my youth. Reflective...dreamier... a side that thoroughly enjoyed the embrace of the written word.

A sensitive soul, I could not power pass the negativity, nor the aloof dismissal towards my creative tendencies. Instead I choose to live the illuminated path well worn. Into a world of logic and simple truths. There is always a sense of security in the knowing. I can not say the sensitivity has lessened with age, but other life lessons have given me more strength to overcome the weakness within my makeup.

Style... the ever elusive notion of one's signature look. Although my foray into the creative realm has not been long. I craved a clarity, a vision that was uniquely mine. That being said, while gathering my journals together for a banner image, I was surprised to see a style of sorts emerging.

A sigh of relief welled up in me this past week. I ran away so long from what I knew to be my truth and my potential to live my authentic self has come to light. Life is too short to live in the confines of our own making. Does it not?

It is my hope, my journey and the changes that are occurring for me may in any small way, inspire or at the very least tickle your sense of possibilities locked deep within. Thank you so much for following me over the years and a heartfelt welcome to those who have just joined me on my journey.

Music of the Day : 
Brendan Perry : Medusa

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