The Superior Labor Leather Carrier and Baum-Kuchen Review

12:42:00 AM

I was introduced to The Superior Labor brand from Baum-Kuchen a few months ago. Wakako's lovely images on her blog told a story of quality and utilitarianism of the handcrafted products. Which had me intrigued of course.

I first went onto their online shop looking to purchase a bag from The Superior Labor, but my head was quickly turned towards the leather carriers. It was a little leap of faith to go for it without touching the leather for sure, but I had a feeling Baum-Kuchen would not disappoint.

The one I chose was light brown. It is a beautiful color that seems to match my Gillio Firenze Giramondo epoch gold exactly. This means it is a warmer brown with a little more red in it. Inside there is a stamped logo in the leather as well as a sewn patch. The stitching seems very clean and simply well done. 

Now for my first impressions. To be honest I was a little worried, as there were wrinkles in the leather, it was a bit stiff, and when rolled up, the top flap would jut out the top when closed. The leather would also squeak in protest when I first undid it's belt buckle and attempted the roll. 

That being said, I started to play around with it a bit. Rolling, filling it with pens, buckling, and unbuckling, trying to decide if I really liked it or not. But even in those few moments, I noticed the leather starting to give. Become a little less stiff... squeak a little less...

There is also a method to the madness of the roll I found. If you start rolling from the flap without the buckle, it would push and therefore the access would poke out of the top corner when closed. However, the trick is to start rolling from the end with the buckle. Then the top flap stays aligned... at least that is how it is with my particular carrier.

By no means a leather expert, you can see it's pretty much a crap shoot for me when I buy leather products site unseen. My preference is really soft leather. I never enjoyed the stiff structured leathers that are out there. Any who, I went back and re-read the description on the website and realized this was one of those leathers that soften with age. Yay! I could see how this had the potential to patina rather nicely.

In terms of what fits inside. I would say quite a few normal sized pens can as well as very tall ones. The brush pens and my carbon ink pen are quite tall. Close to 7 inches long, there is still a good quarter of an inch of space that clears before the bend of the flap.

So to sum things up, at first glance, I had some reservations about the carrier, but it definitely grew on me. I will surely post again after some further use for more insights on it. 

Now to sum things up with my experience with Baum-Kuchen. Emails were answered in a timely and pleasant fashion. More than an average order is my guess due to my custom order of the canvas bag. I'll chat about that on a later date. I received the invoice printed beautifully in a little origami fold that housed their business card. It was a lovely personal touch I appreciate as this was my first time purchasing from the company. 

All-in-all I would say I would definitely purchase from Baum-Kuchen again and can't wait to see my canvas bag that is due to come to me sometime in November :)

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  1. Hi Julia! I just love all your photos and fabulous finds! You seem like such a lovely person...just wanted to thank you for being my "day brightener"!

    1. Aww~ Thanks Tracee! Thanks for stopping by the Bento and taking a gander ^_*. I appreciate the comment!