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Happy Friday #42 : I'm Back....

12:16:00 AM

Hello everyone! I'm back... Life... both the good and the bad pulled me into the vortex of the creative void this past month. So to shake things up, I picked up a little membership to Creative Bug at the request of my bb Girl. We took up the watercolor class and a little Lisa Condron module. Very nice and I will have to admit at their current prices... very affordable. We were doing a bit of testing of our watercolors when we decided those lovely bit's of color shouldn't go to waste. So A little pen and off we went making little critters. 

This really helped me wake up and start playing so to speak. I cracked open both my Mon Carnet De Poche and my Hobonichi A6. In terms of my daily drawing, I had been keeping pencil sketches of my day inside my Hobo, with the idea I would come back and color them, but ended up coloring bits and pieces randomly. That was until these last few days. I've been pretty busy coloring and having fun playing with my various gouaches.

A few days ago, I also celebrated a hallmark birthday. I'll leave it up in the air as to which decade I entered into, but suffice it to say I am still mildly surprised by the number now and again haha. That being said, I had a wonderful day that was orchestrated by my hubby.

My day began with presents, flowers, cards, and home made strawberry shortcake pancakes by chef BB and Hubby. Then a trip over to San Fran for tea at the Japanese Gardens. A little walk through the park to take a look at some locale artist's work.

Then a little trip over to the Dogpatch district of SF. A very interesting industrial area that has many little docs. and is part industrial and part residential. Being from Chicago, it reminds me of the South Loop area. Here we went to the Crafts and Design Museum and then tried some BBQ for lunch.

My night ended with home cooked Korean meal by my hubby and a delish cake. All-in-all it wasn't a bad start to a new decade ^_^.

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