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Happy Friday #43 : Where I Create

10:56:00 PM

Hello and happy Friday to everyone! A few lovely folks have asked me to show more of my art room, but before I did, I decided it was time to optimize my space and went to work re-organizing my room.

I originally used the white desk you see here as my main hub for my computer. This in turn became my default place where I also did my art. On this one cramped desk! So silly after my hubby and the kids spent so much time refinishing my standing desk and the surface along the wall. What a waste and how unhealthy!

So I went to work... for now I think this will suit me fine. I will be using the standing desk more and the surface along the wall and the white desk the kid's digital corner. Currently little man is into programming games and editing effects into his mini movies. And little miss is into drawing digitally and using her light board via the computer.

Here are a few pictures of my beloved supplies. I will go over my current favorites in a future date I promise ^_^.

All-in-all I think this layout is more open and conducive to the utilization of my space. Any who I'm a bit of a nut for seeing where people create so if you have something posted online, drop a comment and a link. Would love to see where you create!

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