Inspiration : Richard Thompson

4:38:00 PM

Today's little inspiration nugget comes in the form of a fantastic illustrator / cartoonist named Richard Thompson. I happened upon his work recently and saw this little documentary about him.

Although he has done many illustrative work, he is best known for his comic strip called, 'Cul De Sac' and his cartoon series, 'Richard's Poor Almanac'.

Image from : Cul De Sac

Sketch from : Illustration Art

Richard's Poor Almanac
Image from : Richard's Poor Almanac

Although I must admit I was not familiar with his work prior to happenstance and this documentary, from what I've seen so far he has a fantastic sense of humor in his writing and his eye for caricature is amazing. I adore learning about creatives. Everything from their life stories to their actual processes.

For me the world of comics, the finite nuances of the line was unknown to me until my visit last year to the Charles Shultz Museum. The day I sat down and mistakenly thought Woodstock would be one of the easiest characters to draw since he had few lines.

Haha.. I still remember how I was rudely awoken to the knowledge... just a tiny bit off in one direction and Woodstock just did not look right! This experience brought a whole knew level of awareness, interest, and respect for me when I read comics now.

And with that I found a little clip of Richard Thompson drawing one of his beloved, 'Cul De Sac,' characters. You can also, go to Cul De Sac to purchase signed copies of the comic strip or the recent book about the artist.

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