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Yeah... on my long list of things to improve ^_*. Just had to share this one. I'm always in awe of folks who have wonderful handwriting much less calligraphic handwriting. I've only just begun acquiring a few inks, fountain pens, and pens with nibs.

Of course this is a whole different rabbit hole one can go down, but I'm definitely not there yet. However, if you are interested, at Goulet Pens you can get samples of inks to try out or join their inkdrop, which is a monthly subscription in which they send you 5 samples a month to try.

I also decided to get a few books on the subject which seem fairly straight forward. The first one is called: Draw Your Own Alphabets. This one is more about drawing out different font styles. Each section has: a lesson, the alphabet completely drawn out in that particular style, and then a practice page. My only issue is I wish the sample alphabet was across from the practice page although I suppose most would practice on separate pieces of paper anyways.


The other book is more about traditional calligraphy. The ornate kind such as Celtic, Gothic, Renaissance, as well as a bit of more modern ones. This one surprised me. I thought it would be a bit dry as anything with the word "Bible of " usually is, but it is quite informative. Especially for a newbie like me I suppose.

The beginning of the book talks about the tool and techniques of the trade. Now while an average gal like me would probably not get into the stretching of vellum...(don't ask haha), there are some nice tips on the types of brushes, pens, and paints you can use.

The rest of the chapters go into a specific style, give a little background history, examples of use, and then a break down on how to draw it. 

There is also a section on modern calligraphy and I really like how they break it down by order of strokes.

Bottom line is it takes practice, practice, practice... one day you just might see something better than my chicken scratch, and when you do know that it happen because I must have practiced haha.

Oh speaking of which as a side note, you know that inspirational comic artist Richard Thompson I mentioned? I was pouring over his old blog and came upon this little beauty about nibs. Enjoy!

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