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12:00:00 AM

Its been a few years now since I've dived back into the creative world and I must say I have learned a lot and also been bitten by the supply bug as is very apparent from my journey. During which I have played around with many different mediums and styles, and just plain played around to see what would happen.

I guess you can say I am still in the throws of searching for the elusive, "style" that is my own. The one that would make one say, hey... that looks like something Julia did haha. Now I'm not talking about fames and riches although I won't deny that would be grand. I'm just talking about how some are driven to repeat a certain type of stamp on the world or art and creativity that is uniquely their own.

Sometimes I feel the failure for not having discovered mine yet and this is aside from the fact I still need to grow my technical skills. Perhaps this in the natural evolution of feelings all artists go through I am not sure. First the blank page fright, then the fear of what other would say or think, and finally the growing desire to have "the style" that is your own.

Seems like a lot of emotional and psychological hurdles one has to go through in order to do something we as humans so innately want to do. I think that is why I am so drawn to artists like Lynda Barry. How she pulls from the ones who thought themselves the least bit creative, a load of it.

Funny... just rambling in my thoughts as I was playing with some gouache and oil pastels in my Mon Carnet de Poche today. It had occurred to me that I have not as I haven't 'arrived' so to speak, but maybe that isn't such a bad thing. Maybe I shouldn't be so concerned with 'searching' for it... as long as I am creating and having fun!

Music of the Day:
Lullatone : Growing Up

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