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Happy Friday #41 : Inspiration Oliver Jeffers

2:41:00 PM

Spent a lovely morning inspired by a fab artist / writer name Oliver Jeffers. Our family has always loved his picture books. The fun story lines and great illustrations always caught our eyes in any crowded book store. Miss A was very particular about her books when she was little. She could smell a hole in a story or a patronizing tone a mile away and would promptly tell if that story was just not satisfying.

Of the authors who met her high standards, Oliver Jeffers came out high on her list. I have been following his blog for some time, but never really checked out his interviews, or background story. So... one morning I happened upon one and decided to watch a few. These are the little tidbits I tucked away in my common place book, regarding the books that inspired him, his favorite tools, and his philosophy regarding his approach to his art work.

He has a quirky sense of humor and is also a very interesting fine artist to boot. Hope you will be inspired as well... to look beyond the obvious and play.

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