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It's raining here today in Northern California. Not a common occurrence, but I have to say I do not mind the steady beating of the rain on our skylight. Unfortunately, I've been under the weather for the past few days so I will keep this post short and sweet.

Image from Brainpickings

I adore interesting tidbits from both the art realm and of the literary variety. I find inspiration in biographies, autobiographies, documentaries, and the odd facts here and there about famous artists and writers both past and present. Today I thought I'd share a few literary bits of inspiration that tickled my fancy this week.

The first is a fantastic little post I found on Brainpickings, about Dinah Fried and her book titled, 'Fictitious Dishes'.  The book covers beautifully photographed dishes from literature's most memorable meals. From Sylvia Plath's, 'The Bell Jar' to 'The Secret Garden', by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

How imaginative and creative this author is to find inspiration from the little passages most of us just skim over. I love Dinah's quote, "Thank you and love to my father, for teaching me to read carefully, and to my mother, for teaching me to look closely."  We can definitely learn from this and take a little more to pour over those delectable details that make our favorite stories come to life.

Image found on Lucky
Now for the other literary tidbit, Persephone Books.  It is a unique little bookstore that reprints neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century writers. They sell their Persehpone Classics across the UK and US in other book stores. These usually have a beautifully illustrated image across it's cover, but the ones that are offered from their store or mail-order are simply covered in grey with beautiful decorative paper.

I was first introduced to their lovely concept back when I lived in London many years ago. I loved pouring over their little catalogues and the different tone and lives illustrated by writers of a bygone era. It has been a while, but I decided it was time to order another lovely piece of work from their catalogue and of course throw in a couple of their beautiful notebooks to boot. They will be coming in sometime this week, so I will post for your eye candy pleasure when they come in.

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