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Persephone Books

6:54:00 PM

My Persephone books came in over the weekend. I had received an email the day after I ordered my books confirming they had been sent. The whole process from order to delivery was roughly 3-4 days. They packaged each book in separate envelopes and they arrived in the general post box.

The size of the books and the notebooks are roughly similar to a large Moleskine notebook, but about an inch shorter in height. The paper inside the notebooks are a lovely cream color and very smooth. The covers feel roughly like that of slick book jackets. The patterned bit of paper you see on top of each book are book marks in the same pattern on the inside flaps of the books. Oh and the postcard you see on top belongs to the, 'The Victorian Chaise-Longue' book with the yellow patterned paper. It was a commissioned painting by Persephone Books for Fife Terrace, Islington, the setting for the book.

I generally like the feeling of the books and the premise behind them, but for some reason I have to admit the slick covers threw me off. Eh... just a little personal thing, but I thought having an unfinished rough surface would have lend itself to the experience. That being said, the simplicity of the gray cover is quite nice.

Music of the Day:
Sinade O'Connor : You Do Something To Me (start 33 secs. in)

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