New Years Eve Fun

12:18:00 AM

New Years Eve... ended up being a great day. It started with a great little breakfast at a new dive we found. Afterwards we explored the town where I got my ever so lovely Valentine Olivetti, in depth.

Los Altos, CA is definitely more mom and pop oriented. Surprisingly many of the shops were actually opened this morning and we got to spend some time showing the kids some of the vintage typewriters:

Then we found a little racing/model making shop the boys had some fun in while my daughter and I entered into craft nirvana next door. It's called The Makery... very nicely done store, from the displays to the craft projects that are put together in a nice little package.

I probably came out with one too many things from the store, but oh... the colors just screamed... take my picture. So I did ^_^.

Amelie came out with a wooden doll kit, a vintage looking letter stamp kit for moi, and a few things for her birthday party that will be coming up. 

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