Thought Provoking

12:00:00 PM

During my holiday week I was privy to some thought provoking moments. I rather enjoy connecting the dots to seemingly unrelated things. I guess this is just naturally something I did in my career. That being said, even as I enjoy the play in creativity, I love pulling from all corners of life.

I listen to NPR, Ted Talks and documentaries sometimes as I draw. I like it when it gives me the sense that there is something prevalent to the things I do or the moments when I am validated in my thoughts and beliefs. I suppose it is the need for a higher reason to one's life choices... non-the-less, I enjoy these things ^_^.

So that being said I give you the two little tidbits that entered into my life this week. A book recommended by my friend Suzi: A Tale for Time Being

So far it is an easy, very real read. I am particularly fond of the author's use of descriptions. It gives an insight to how one can go about writing a more in depth journal entry. The old... show not tell idea is put into play quite well here.

The other lovely little story was from a Ted Talk from Malcom Gladwell. If you haven't read or heard anything about him, I would definitely suggest picking up or at least listening to one of his talks. He is the master of doing cerebral dissections of seemingly unrelating things and pulling them together to make a point. And that folks is what I love best... Check out this one, it is a segue into an upcoming book about underdogs.

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