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Back to Basics

12:43:00 AM

As the holiday season is in full swing and things start to wrap up for 2013, I inevitably begin to reflect on the things I did or did not accomplish for the year. I then begin to think about the dreaded New Years Resolution. Yes, I will admit for a LONG time I stopped writing them down because, heck why set yourself up for self flagellation when you don't hit all the goals on your 'list' every year?

I pretty much gave up on taking the pen in hand and making an arbitrary list on a pristine piece of paper. Not only was it daunting to look at, but pretty pie in the sky because many times I had no plan, they were far too encompassing, and I was self defeating. Nothing was set up to remind me or keep me accountable. Cause you see... my list was secrete, 'ell if I would embarrass myself to those around me and feel like crap for not fulfilling them.

However, this year... this year it has been interesting. It started with the idea of a creative planner. As you can remember from the Soul Garden class I took a while back. I know some of you may be thinking... Wha? A class on planning? Well to that I will have to say this was not an ordinary idea of a planner, but one where you live in it creatively as well. A place for eye candy (appeals to the kid in you... stickers and all), a place where you can paste your life in, n hold yourself accountable with checklists and a community to share things with.

With this in hand I became more mindful with my planner, journals, and goal oriented tools. You see before this, yes I used planners both digital and paper based, but they were for my corporate life. They held the important meetings, dr. apts., kids, activities, birthdays. The things I must do. That alone did not really make the planner all that appealing in my eyes.

Never really a scrapbooker, although I tried yrs. ago and have the paraphernalia to prove it, the planner wasn't really a place where I lived. That was until Sept. of 2012. When I took up this approach where you added your doodles which by the way was one of my goals... to draw everyday, drink water, take my vitamins, as well as tape in things from my life from pictures to business cards. I was excited to sit with my book, if not every day than most days of the week.

I've actually hit quite a few of my personal goals since I began this Smashbook like art planner. Coupled with things like downloaded aps. such as the Goodreads and Myfitnesspal and doubling up with a cloud based calendar, repetition my friend is the mother of all success. A fun place to play, repetitive reminders, digestible chunks, motivation, and things that kept me accountable, was truly the key for me.

So now... why the grey toned journal up above? No, I haven't given up on my lovely Midori Traveler's Notebook. Rather, this journal will be used for one of my new endeavors for the New Year. Getting back to basics. The first one on my list to tackle is figure drawing. Sure I can look at an image and draw it, but what I really want to do is really understand the underlying structure of the human figure so that I may really do it and understand what I am doing is correct, instead of winging it.

So here I come life 101... manned with my Midori, aps, and planner, I intend to tackle you head on 2014!

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