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Happy Holidays!

10:52:00 PM

Winter Lights Festival
Happy Holidays everyone! Holiday festivities are so fun to experience through the eyes of a child. It is so easy to lose sight of the simple joys in life. Such as this little carnival. I must admit, when my husband mentioned this Winter Lights festival, the first thought that ran through my head was... uhg... the crowds, the fried foods, and the long lines, yay... fun.

But being a good Mommy I kept this thought to myself and said let's do it and went. At first sight, yes it was just as bad as I thought, especially with the crowds, but seeing the excitement in the kid's eyes, the smell of the funnel cakes, and the general happy chatter all around (despite the back to back bodies) changed my frame of mind fairly quickly.

Casa de Fruitas
We really enjoyed that day as well as just general fun times together as a family these past few days. Drawing together, printing, playing games, pondering what we will have at our next meal. Too often we are all off doing our own things. Its so easy to lose sight on everything.

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