Happy December!

12:50:00 AM

Happy Holidays to everyone! Been off visiting family in the L.A. area and having a wonderful time. We came back home and enjoyed a day of holiday festivities. First we drove up to San Francisco Academy of Science.

The kids have definitely become Cali kids. They have completely forgotten the bitter cold of our Chicago Winters and look longingly at snow. Haha... the kids ran in excitement when they saw 'snow' falling in the courtyard tent of the Academy. When they rushed in and realized it was just blobs of bubbles coming down their little faces just fell in disappointed. However, as we were about to leave, they noticed a small fenced off area of... real, well man made snow, but snow non-the-less. Ah... since when did snow become a display?

I guess I take it for granted, or is it that I just know too much? Uhg... remembering the ice cold temperatures, the layers of clothing, icicles hanging from my eyelashes, to the traffic, and the shoveling... I'm more than happy to be here while I watch news reports of my beloved Chicago salting their highways.

Ah, but I digress... the rest of the day we spent listening to Christmas music while setting up the tree and decorating it with all the ornaments we bought, made each year with the kids, and the kid's school ornaments. Then some sugar cookies were made, decorated, and eaten.

Now on the journal front. I had one of those Christmas food basket catalogs roaming about my desk and the juicy looking pear caught my eye. The way I have been working in my Midori Traveler's Notebook is to do pieces, avoid pages where perhaps the back of the page was compromised by what ever medium I used before, and then going back before I sleep to cover those compromised pages with acrylic paint to work on another day.

This method has been working for me quite well. As mediums such as marker and ball point pens tend to show through more prominently on the other side of the original thin blank paper notebooks of the Midori.

In terms of the spread, the one thing about the Midori I will have to say is... the rectangular design of the pages makes it a tad awkward to take pictures. Either A... you have to choose to some how cut off the second page, B. crop in close to your single page, or  C. just show the whole 2 page spread. My choice? Well... it will depend on my mood, so don't be surprised if you see doubles of a picture I posted before ^_*.

So with that I leave you with an oldie, but goodie that put us in the holiday spirit.

Music of the Day:
George Winston : December (album)

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