Back to Basics


1:06:00 PM

Back to basics is my theme for the New Year. One of those basics on my list to sew. I haven't done so since the home economics class in junior high or middle school as they call it over here.

While our trip to the Makery last week, I happened upon a schedule for classes they held on the weekends. This one being the Mommy and Daughter sewing class. I had forgotten so much, but after the two hours things were coming back to me. My daughter was a bit hesitant at the beginning. Afraid of sewing straight and then as it neared an edge, but by mid-point she gained confidence and was even able to sew the thin straps.

It was definitely a joint effort, only because of her initial hesitancy, but when her confidence built up, she was fine. This is the first time I saw a sewing class geared towards children under 12 as well. Most are for the older girls. I mean I understand a little help is necessary, but some younger girls are mature enough for something more advanced.

That being said, I was fairly impressed, as was my daughter at our final product. Her fabric choice was spot on. Fun... fun!!!

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