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Kokeshi Doll Party Part II

2:12:00 PM

The day of the party... luckily since we are nearing valentines day, a lot of the pink, red, white palette was out at all the stores we went to. It was really a mish-mash effort from several stores to make my vision happen. The screen door and tatami mat were additions my husband splurged on for last minute. Very nice~

I was able to find some lovely vases can candy dishes at the local thrift store which was perfect. Jam jars with stickers of my little character and washi tape gave them a little special touch. The ones in this picture housed rice and chopsticks for the girls game while waiting for things to dry.

In terms of the food, I did a quick search online for some ideas. I can't say what sites they were from since I just took a quick gander at the images, but I'm sure if you google and dug in you can find them. I also made water bottle stickers to dress them up a bit. You maybe able to see on the picture above.

Some fake sushi was on the menu of course, besides the warm finger food I had out for the girls later. Rice crispies and hohos made an excellent base for the fruit roll-up and gummies.

Poki sticks, chocolate dipped strawberry, and strawberry candies rounded up the side board display.

Tea party style, little finger foods, a plate of fruit and these lovely little mason jars filled with kiddie cocktail (1 part orange juice to 1 part sprite, sliced berries and lime)

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the girls playing the chopstick game. I gave them about a minute to pick up as many mini marshmallows as possible. As each one would win the game, I would give them the option to choose a charm and a kokeshi eraser for their prize.

This is what the rest of the room looked like. We set up a few of the lanterns in clusters around the room.

I already had a great Korean floor table that we use for crafting, so with a little polka dotted table cloth, and a tatami mat underneath, we were ready to go.

The kokeshi doll party was a hit and all the girls went home with their little goodies in a cute little bag and some balloons. All the girls from the party had their charms attached to their backpacks. It was nice to see the pinched fingers, were all worth while. They all seem to love their little charms.

Ah... wish I took the pictures of all the girls dolls, but here are the ones Amelie has been making the past few weeks (the usual one piece wood dolls), plus the two new additions from the party.

Happy Birthday to my little baby!!!

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