Drive By Story

7:51:00 PM

Ahh.... the sound of a tapping typewriter. Since getting the Olivetti it has actually been getting quite good use by the kids. It has spurred on an interest in writing again. On our last visit to a cute little local book store, the kids actually gravitated towards 'how to' books on writing. Which I thought was interesting. The two books we got were:

My Weird Writing TipsBasher Basics: Creative Writing

They were more engaging than some of the text book style 'how to' books that are out there, probably because Dan Gutman is one of their favorite authors and the Creative Writing one is more graphically interesting. 

The love for writing was definitely spurred on during my foray into the world of home schooling this past summer, I purchased a cute class for the kids online from Playful Learning. If you haven't heard of Playful Learning either in book form or Mariah Bruehl's online blog, I would highly suggest you take a gander. Especially if you have little ones.

Anyways to take the writing to a more collaborative level I decided to do what I'll call, ' Family Drive-by-Writing'. Concept is to have the typewriter out with paper in its grips ready and waiting for a few expert words from the next drive-by-writer. Could be a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, who knows, but hopefully it will make for an interesting read one day. Today is the official start day of this endeavor. Here's to writing and creativity... clack clack clack...

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