Happy Friday #64 : Streamlining My Creative Diet

11:42:00 PM

Hello everyone! It is my hope that the holiday festivities has you happy and excited. For me, I powered down and got all my gifts inline and the tree up so, this year I thought I would prep early and plan for my 2016 experience haha.

I will admit this year has been a difficult one. Many things happened this year to my family that left me at a complete loss sometimes. I would have spurts of creative activity and then I would have nothing... drained...

Also, I am the type who likes to have all my ducks in a line before moving forward with anything, which some times is the ultimate problem. Knowing this about my self, I started thinking about how I wanted to streamline my life so to speak. Become more disciplined, productive, and be the role model that is important for my kids to see. Haha... well you know the saying, "Do as I say, not as I do." Unfortunately, I think that is the case of most of us parents...

As an aside, it had me thinking about this one documentary I saw with my kids. It was about a handful of obese children and their struggles. The common theme with these kids were, the parents would send them to some sort of weight loss camp or sports/ fitness activity. The kids would lose weight, but then when they came home they struggled and ultimately succumbed to weight gain again, because the parents continued to eat the way they did. In fact one father continually yelled at his son to eat properly while snacking on bags of chips, gallons of soda, etc. He ended up having a heart attack. Luckily he was fine, but it really has one thinking yeah?

I mean, diet is one thing, but how many other things do we do to shape our children. Its scary... there are times I assess many of my habits good and bad, and can trace the roots back to the things my parents used to do, as well as their directives. Of course we all have choices, but habits my friends are definitely hard to break.

On the positive note, if one creates positive/productive habits, it can also be a good thing. This is what I am banking on of course. For both me and my kids. So alas, after that long diatribe I come down to explaining what my first focus is... streamlining my creative diet.

I thought about the things that worked for me in the past and one of the main ones was the consistent, use of the morning pages. The first time I came upon this concept was back when I was expecting my daughter. Who doesn't remember and hasn't looked at or owned a copy of, 'The Artist Way'? or for those of you who focused on writing, 'Writing Down the Bones'?

It was about a decade ago when I found both these books and the general take away was to write consistently. You can set your parameters ie. timed 10, 15, 20 mins. or specific amount of pages ie. 2, but the point is to sit down and put hand to paper. No sensor, just the mind flashing through thoughts. It is a very relaxing experience for sure, unless of course you are hashing out something that irked you ^_^. In which case it was probably best that you wrote things down anyways. It's all good therapy.

I have various notebooks sitting somewhere in storage, but fell out of this daily practice at some point. As you can see in the image above I started out with the cheapy notebooks, which are still fantastic to use, but I have a Seven Seas Writer inside my Giramondo that I want to finish off for this task.

I threw in another picture of, 'Daily Rituals', simply because it has been my favorite go to for inspiration. Looking at the habits of all these amazing creative minds, gives one a lot to chew on.

So here is to the first part of my creative streamlining... Morning Pages. It is something I intend to do for myself in the morning and repeat at night with the kids in hopes that I impart upon them a productive habit that becomes apart of our daily ritual.

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  1. I love the idea of a "creative diet". I had an difficult year in 2015 too. I think sometimes we creative people can get too excited about too many projects and it gets overwhelming. I love the idea of daily writing to keep us mentally organized :)