Happy Friday Post

Happy Friday #65 : Happy New Year !!!

11:51:00 PM

Happy New Year everyone!!! So excited to start the new year aren't you? 2015 was definitely a difficult one for many I know as well as myself. It is so wonderful to have this feeling of a fresh new start.

After a wonderful week over in my home town Chicago, I came back home renewed and in anticipation for the great things to come this 2016. I had a chance to re-asses my thoughts and plans moving forward. Mind mapping really helped me see all the things on my plate and what I needed to do to organize and prioritize things.

As many of you know I'm an avid researcher and so I began my search on some great articles regarding creating new habits, how best to maintain the momentum, and how to sustain it until it becomes ingrained. I'll share more about my plans and some of my resources soon I promise.

In the mean time I hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year !!!

Music of the Day:
Technova : Towa Tei & Bebel Gilberto

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