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Happy Friday #67 : Creating New Habits: Few Weeks In

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Happy Friday everyone! Habits, habits, habits... oh my! So adding some art challenges have really helped amp up my output for sure. Not all was good mind you, but I generally drew everyday. Yes, even those days I was tired,  sick, activities cropped up, or I had kiddo things. Those days it was def. hard to sit and commit, but I persevered.

Kind of like the highs and lows of the New Years work out resolution people make. I had a high and did things right away the first few days. By day four...when things would crop up, I would have that moment where I would consider not bothering with it... and fight the overwhelming need to procrastinate, but by day six I would say, I just kind of fell into this groove and did most if not all of my challenges daily.

This is interesting turn for me because like yesterday for instance... it was one of those off days. I wasn't feeling a 100%, my son was having one of his teenage moments, and I had a parent technology meeting to go to at night. Even though my output looked horrid... I just powered through and... posted the stuff in all it's messed up glory. This is something I def. would not have done in the past, much less post them up, but this is the reality of the sketchbooks no?  The good and the bad. 

Any who, this month I haven't necessarily committed to a specific schedule yet. I wanted to see where organically, it was ideal for me to fit in my tasks. Since making new habits are really my focus for this year, I do not want to fall into the trap of the lofty goals, unrealistic regimented schedules, well at least not right now, burn out, and thus setting myself up for failure.

So far the power of observation seems to be playing a strong role for me. I've been jotting down when I am the most creative, what helps me be more creative, and at what points of the day or during other tasks I can fit in a drawing session. I have also been experimenting with the Pomodoro Method to see just how long tasks take. 

So what is the Pomodoro method you may ask? Check out the link above as it will explain it in a much clearer fashion than I, but boiled down it is simply a method where u put the timer on for 25 min. to do a task, take a 5 min. break and either continue on with said task in this 25 min. on 5 min. off session or start something new. Idea is to take breaks so you don't burn out, stay productive, and keep track of the time you spend on each task.

Now mind you I don't time everything... well not yet any ways haha, but I definitely see the benefits. For instance I now know when I write in my journal, I roughly write 4 pages in the space of 25 mins. For a blog posts, so far it looks as if I spend at least 4.5 Pomodoros on them.

I eventually want to get started on the uber organized world of the Bullet Journal or BuJo as some call it, so I think the Pomodoro method can only complement that system. That being said, one thing at a time... here are some of the pages from this week:

Paint A Day Challenge or 365 Paint a Day Challenge

Daily Illustrated Journal (Hobonichi Techo)

Creative Bug 21 Day Challenge with Lisa Congdon

Music of the Day:
Tokimonsta (Feat Gavin Turek) live : Thump Session

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