Happy Friday #68 : Midori Traveler's Notebook Love

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Happy Valentine's weekend everyone! Its been a while and yes... my daily habits, I will have to admit, went to the wayside these last two weeks. Adjusting to my new online class for home decor products, took more out of me than I thought it would. Whew~ but that is a whole other thing...

Today I wanted to talk about my love for my Midori Traveler's Notebook. I was attempting to make a video, but alas, my kiddos killed the battery on my camera,  so unfortunately I lost my window for filming. Therefore today, will be an image fest! I decided to go back to my tried and true brown leather original MTN. Yes... the one that started it all. The obsession for leather notebook products that is haha.

Inside this one I have a sketchbook, new bullet journal, and Midori 2016 Weeks with Notes Diary. I was able to get it this year which was nice. If you can't get a hold of the 2016, you can get a free weeks with notes diary, in which you write in your own dates. 

The way I used it was to put my events and to do lists on the calendar portion and then use the notes section to add the paraphernalia from my week, ala Smashbook style.

I would glue, tape, or tip in anything from business cards, stickers, postcards, to images from my week with my Canon Selphy.

This particular week was filled with my daughter's birthday tasks and party. Whew~ it was spa themed and amazing amount of work, but all was good. Kids loved it and still talk about how awesome it was haha.

This week featured our day trip down to Santa Cruz and a new Kombucha I found. It was definitely more mild than the Synergy brand. I would recommend this if you've never tried a Kombucha before. It takes some getting used to as it is fermented black tea, but I like it now. It has that bubbly effect to it which has helped me cut the soda cravings down. Check out the link to find out the health benefits :)

Not much went down here, but I did get my new journal from Stalogy (as if I needed another one). The paper is not as thin as Tomoe River, but it does have a smooth surface. I decided to it as my morning pages journal and catch all.

See the little the little "Currently" card peaking up at top, this was a free printable I got a few years back and I printed them onto old scrapbook paper. I can't remember where I got them, but if you google "currently printable" you'll see some that pop up. Its great to use as a monthly or weekly snapshot of the things that you are into at that point in time.

And finally our current week. I am going down to L.A. to visit my mom so... I have more things that will be tipped into this section soon.

Now... onto my next little booklet. Yes! I have decided to start a bullet journal!!! I realized with all that was going on now, the planner style that I showed you previously , just was not enough. I didn't have room to schedule my tasks and such soo... I decided my 2016 Diary moving forward will be more SmashBook and recap of what happened that week and my Bullet Journal, will be my scheduler.

For those who do not know what the Bullet Journal is, there is a ton of beautiful information out there. I won't add to the specifics as of yet, since I'm just diving into it myself, but these are the pages I have thus far:  

Index and Key: I used a small sticky note from Muji here for my temporary key, as I'm still feeling the system out to see what works for me. This particular key is mostly derived from Dee from decadethirty. She has been doing it for years, so I would definitely recommend checking her site out for more detailed info.

Future Log: I scaled down a free printable at 85% to fit 3 on a page and still be able to see the dates.

Style Add Ons: so I have a little area to refer to when I want to doodle boarders etc.

Collection : Books to Read

Month Tracker and things that I am 'Waiting On' meaning orders.

Month Calendar and Tasks this Month

Week Task and Event pages

Still have a lot more to go with different collections and generally hashing out how I am going to use this, but I thought I would share my initial set-up with you guys :)  Have a wonderful Valentines weekend and hope you enjoyed my image fest down Midori lane!

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