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Mini Palette for Jane Davenport's Wonderland Class

10:43:00 PM

I am currently ramping up for Jane Davenport's Wonderland class. All things Alice in Wonderland seems to be heading in my direction. I will share more on that and my thoughts as the class roles on.

Mean while, it was so sweet of Jane to send out goodies to all the members. A few got a bit more of said goodies... but we won't get into that haha. Any who, so I had some Daniel Smith paints already, in fact I had all but 4 on her palette here, but they were floating inside a larger palette and also inside my drawer waiting for a place to be used. I toyed with the idea of getting another larger one, but then my friend Courtney decided to use one of her smaller tins she had lying around for this specific palette.

I thought... why not, so I scoured my collection of stuff and found the Korean Masking sticker's tin. This tin is the perfect size. It is low in profile and will house 20 half pans with a slight quarter inch space to move around. I left 2 spots empty because I'm contemplating ordering a few I did not have from Jane's palette.

As you can see I also added a few more from my own collection that I thought complemented it. In terms of keeping them down I may either cut a small wedge of sponge and fit it in there to see if that will keep them sitting nicely, or use double stick tape to keep them down.

For the swatch sheet I just took a piece of watercolor paper and cut it down and rounded the edges on the large setting  of my Japanese corner rounder and it fit perfectly inside..

By the way, if you don't have a corner rounder, or you have one of those old ones where you have to press with all your mite to get a corner... ditch it and get this one. It is so easy. Not much pressure is required and you get 3 settings: S, M, and L. It's called the Sunstar Kadomaru Pro.

And finally, since the tin is plain, I decided to add the sticker I received on top. Jan. 25th is the day... we follow the white rabbit :)

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  1. Hi Julia,

    I just wanted to say hello and that I have been loving reading your blog and seeing your beautiful creations!

    - Erica aka @erica_choy /

    1. Thanks for the kind words @ericachoy :)