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Happy Friday #66 : Building New Habits

12:44:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your 2016 is treating you well thus far. Things are chugging along for me as of yet. My life assessment and action plans are still going through a thorough over haul, but a few things I have been able to nail down are my morning pages or journal pages and more drawing/painting. I'm involved in a few art challenges, just to keep the inspiration going.

There is a new challenge called 12 Months of Paint headed by a few of my favorite illustrators on Instagram. In this challenge you follow a theme for the month and do one painting. This month was blue.

Haha... after reading the description on one of the illustrators, I misunderstood and thought the challenge meant take the theme, (this month is blue), and paint everyday of that month in that theme. Opse... they actually meant one painting a month in that theme. Note to self, read instructions thoroughly:)

I also chose to challenge myself to do a painting a day in other words a 365 challenge. I have mostly been posting to my Instagram account, but I think I may sum up my day and post here as well soon. For these I have been using a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

Any who, this month will be an experiment of things. I may hone in on my own theme each month just to make it less of a thought process, but a do process. Interesting to note, while embarking on my journey to a better me ^_^,  I came upon this article, '5 Scientific Ways to Build Habits that stick', number 3 on the list was to eliminate excessive options. Apparently making repeated decisions, deplete mental energy. Who knew? It does make sense though. Not just in the habit making category, but just as a general deterrent, however small, that stops us from doing what we should be doing.

I am also attempting to get back into using my Hobonichi Techo as a daily illustrated diary again. This time around I just keep it open on my desk and as the day goes on, if I have a few minutes, I quickly sketch something of note at that point. Be it food, an interesting story, an object of choice.... so far this has been going very well.

To add to my drawing/painting roaster is the Creativebug Lisa Congdon 31things to draw challenge. In this one Lisa, rolls out a theme for the day and does a little demo on the topic to inspire. I'm not sure if I will meld this challenge with my 365 days of painting for this month, but it does seem like a valid idea. Hmm... we shall see. In the mean time here were my doodles for this challenge today, done in my Midori Traveler's Notebook.

Here is to making new positive habits!!!

Music of the Day:
Tokimonsta (Feat M.N.D.R) live : Go With It

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  1. Hi Julia! I am new to your blog. Love your daily paintings! I am starting my own daily art project this year with my Hobonichi (it is my first year using one and I am so excited). Off to look around your blog now :)

    1. Hi @ashton! Thanks so much for your sweet words! Good luck to you on your new daily journey :)