Water Color Swatches

8:40:00 PM

I made a few swatches of my original Daniel Smith palette in both my Color Bible and a separate piece of cold press paper. Something immensely satisfying putting paint down on paper, even if it is just little blobs. The colors are just so beautiful. I have yet to do one of the new DS paints that I recently acquired, but I wanted a place for them as my current palette would not be able to fit them all.

I think once I get a handle on my paints, I will either separate them in cool and warm colors or by color palettes that work. Any who,  I signed up for the Sketchbookery class a while back and decided to break in a lesson. Which is really just about sitting down and doing yeah?  These flowers / leaves were growing on the fence next door. I know I didn't do them justice with their odd shapes, but I thought I would just post them anyways.

Messing up in the process of creating is all apart of the fun no? Also, yes if you have notice the little lovelies on the side they are the Zig Clean Color and a few Tombows. Gotta still love your water soluble markers you know.

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