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Happy Friday #46 : Color Bible A.K.A. Color Test Book

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Hello everyone! Happy Friday to you this fine day in May. Today I thought I'd share a little gem I found at a local used book store.

It is a book from 1979 (first edition published in 1905) called, 'A Color Notation', by A.H. Munsell. Otherwise known as the man behind color theory, he was an artist and teacher in his own right that had a proclivity towards science.

In essence, he knew compared to the physical mixtures of pigments confined to the user,  the eye produce thousands of variants of colors on a daily bases. The invention of the Munsell photometer for measuring white, as well as adaptations of hue and chroma are among the few things he was responsible for.

The paper inside the book is a lovely heavy stock that is akin to cold press watercolor paper. It was such a serendipitous choice for me. I had been thinking about all the test pages I have done for my supplies and how they eventually become lost in my journals so thought about getting something to have one book that would house them all. As I was mulling about what I would use, my friend Courtney from Raven's Cauldron mentioned that Jane Davenport had an amazing color bible that would pop up every now and again in her refresh videos.

So of course I had to go back and binge watch her videos and grew even more enamored with the idea of having my own little beauty. Now despite the fact I have a lot of supplies,  I don't believe I have nearly as much as Jane, so I thought a smaller book would be more appropriate for me. Next thing you know, while exploring a neighboring town, we happened upon a cute little recycle book store and this little critter all but jumped out at me with it's vivd binding amongst the sea of books.

Here I am a few pages in and I am adoring it! No need to mess around with the cover, the title, content, and the paper are just so amazing. I am becoming more convinced that maybe this is the way I should go for at least some of my journals in the future ^_^.

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