7 Day's In The 100 Day Project

1:35:00 AM

It has been one week in since beginning The 100 Day Project. It kicked off to a rocky start because I was out of town the first three days and I was lacking some supplies, but all-in-all I'm all caught up now. 

I must say it is an interesting foray into doing stand alone pieces, albeit still a bit small since I am using an 8 x 8 water color block. I am learning what works and what does not, since I like to use other supplies such as Prisma color pencils and such, but it is mostly because I don't have much experience with rough surface of cold press paper. I just ordered some hot press paper, so maybe that will help moving forward.

The other aspect of stand alone pieces I find difficult is the need to be more patient and meticulous. Which as you see so far is not quite there yet haha. In a journal its more forgiving to have paint splotches or lines that are off, but on a separate piece... due to the larger surface area and such I am having difficulty keeping the paint thickness and shade consistent. 

Any who, originally I was going to continue with my little character that is in my Hobonichi, for this project, but I have decided to just play. One day to plan and the next to paint. Nothing wrong with exploring the different facets of one's artistic personalities no? Plus, eh... I'm still searching I suppose for my own creative voice. Which in turn will be defined by practice... practice... practice. 

Day 1 sketch

Day 2 gouache & digital

Day 3 sketch

Day 4 gouache

Day 5 sketch

Day 6 graphite, watercolor, gouache, color pencil, ink

Day 7 graphite, watercolor, ink

Music of the Day:
Nouvelle Vague : Dancing with Myself

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