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Happy Friday #44 : The 100 Day Project

2:46:00 PM

Happy Friday!!! Today's vlog is a bit about the new 100 day challenge I will be involved in beginning of April 6th called : The 100 Day Project, hosted this year by the magazine : The Great Discontent.

The Great Discontent, Issue 2

This is the mini documentary about an earlier session of artists who dedicated themselves to a 100 days of creativity and how the project impacted their lives.

Since my focus will be to get out of my journals I thought I would start by using the Aqvarelle Arches and Fluid Easy water color blocks I already had on hand.  Remember to hashtag your days on instagram :  #The100DayProject and your personal #100Daysof______. My personal one will be #100DaysofJules.

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