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Happy Friday #45 : Flexi-Sketch Book Review

2:00:00 AM

Ah yes... what can I say? I found my happy throw all sketchbook that I don't mind messing up, The Flexi-Sketch. Sound strange? I suppose it is, but certain sketchbooks I feel a sort of preciousness about it still even after a few years have passed. 

Any who the paper inside, although fairly standard for a sketchbook is good enough for light wet media. There maybe some curling if a page becomes too wet, but I don't mind that much as u can always flatten pages by closing the book and adding some weight.

Charcoal pencil works beautifully on the paper as does my oil pastels. The paper itself has a very fine texture to it. Very slight, but good enough to look nice as the charcoal runs across it.

So far most of my markers do not bleed. Heavy use of supplies leave a slight shadow on the next page, but I've decided to try using only the right side of the sketchbook. A practice some advocate so that drawing do not get ruined maybe? Or is it a plot of the paper companies so that you will get another journal? Hmm... either way I'm all for it haha.

Now in terms of the size. I made a slight mistake in size judgement. It did not really register just how small this would end up being until it arrive on my doorstep. Admittedly, afterwards I regretted the purchase and it sat on the shelf for a few weeks.  I toyed with getting the bigger size, but just couldn't bring myself to get another journal... well right now anyways. Yes, folks... I do have a bit of self control ^_^.

Then in my desperation to find a good square journal, I opted to just pull this out and play with it and so glad I did. You'll be seeing me playing around quite a bit in this little  6 x 6 critter. In fact it is my go-to for 'The 100 Day Project'. If this one sound a bit too small for you they do have it in an 8 X 8 as well as your traditional shapes. Here is to a good mistake... happy creating!!!

Music of the Day:
Mr. Little Jeans : Good Mistake

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